Fair Employment Week

Fair Employment Week is coming Oct. 23-27!

Fair Employment Week is part of a CAUT-sponsored initiative called Make It Fair”. The premise of this initiative is that the tenuous and often stressful nature of part-time academic work leads not only to unfair working conditions for those academics living and working in part-time purgatory, but it also has serious implications for the quality and integrity of our post-secondary education in general. In order to address these concerns we need to work together to improve the job security and working conditions of contract faculty. To find out more about “Fair Employment Week” and the “Make It Fair” initiative, check out http://makeitfair.caut.ca/.

What can YOU do for Fair Employment Week?

1 – Pledge your support at http://makeitfair.caut.ca/.

2 – Attend one of our two round-table discussions around the theme – “Voices for Change: Share our stories to inform future action” – because your voice is important.

  • Research and Supervision – 5:30 pm, Wed. Oct 25th in Loyola 271
  • Job Security and a Living Wage – 5:30 pm, Thurs. Oct. 26 in the Loyola Private Dining Room

3 – Show these slides to your students just before or after your classes during Fair Employment Week (Fair Employment Week Powerpoint).

4 – Share your stories on social media with the hashtag #makeitfair.

5 – Complete the National Survey for Contract Academic Staff if you have not already done so survey.caut.ca.