Job Posting – Teaching Assistant Organizer

CUPE local 3912 has an opportunity for a motivated Teaching Assistant who is interested in becoming more involved in the union that represents part-time faculty at Dalhousie, Mount St. Vincent, and St. Mary’s Universities. Applicants should be outgoing and be able to talk to small/medium size groups of people. No previous work experience with unions is required.

Working with, and reporting to, the local’s Executive Committee, the goals of this position are to contact, educate and mobilize CUPE 3912’s Teaching Assistants. The organizer will develop and use e-mail lists to notify members of events, bargaining updates, etc.

The organizer is an employee of CUPE 3912 and, as such, will be asked to sign a contract for a set period of time decided by the Executive. While the organizer does have the opportunity to work independently, the Executive sets the primary goals, terms of employment, and the evaluation process.

The organizer must be a Teaching Assistant at one of the Dalhousie campuses and a member in good standing of CUPE 3912. All necessary training will be provided by CUPE.

While the time commitment will vary as issues dictate, the expected time commitment of the position is 10 hours per week.

The organizer will be responsible for the following:

1) Be responsible for co-ordinating effective communication between the Executive of CUPE 3912 and its Teaching Assistants.

2) Organize meetings with Teaching Assistants either individually or in groups to provide information or obtain feedback.

3) Organize meetings between the vice-presidents (or other members of the Executive) and the Teaching Assistants.

4) Recruit stewards and collaborate with the vice-presidents to facilitate regular meetings of the stewards at the different universities.

5) In co-operation with the communications officer, develop educational and promotional materials such as ads, posters, and pamphlets and arrange for their distribution to Teaching Assistants.

6) Provide a monthly written report to the Executive.

7) To meet with the President on a monthly basis to review activities of the previous month and to establish the priorities for the upcoming month.

8) Attend executive meetings at the discretion of the executive.

9) Attend CUPE 3912 general meetings.

Salary: Hourly rate will be $21.52.
Application deadline: 30 September 2018
Applications should be submitted to: