SMU Tentative Collective Agreement Information Sessions and Ratification Votes

The executive has announced the dates for the information sessions and the ratification votes for the tentative collective agreement at SMU.

Information sessions:
Fri, Mar 15, 3-6 pm in Loyola 275 and
Mon, Mar 18, 6-8 pm in Loyola Private Dining Room (L298)

During the two information sessions the Negotiating Committee can give further information on the tentative agreement and answer any questions from members. A ratification document will be distributed.

In person voting:
Thurs, Mar 21, 6-9 pm in LA PDR
Fri, Mar 22, 3-6 pm in LA275

There will also be an option to vote online.

All members that have had a CUPE contract at SMU within the last three years are eligible to vote.