Digital Duty Form for Dalhousie TAs and Markers

A “Digital Duty Form” is now available.

Submitting a jointly signed Duty Form, agreeing on the description of duties, and the corresponding hours for payment, is a Teaching Assistant individual course contract requirement, and a Marker course contract or hourly rate activity recommendation. The first financial payment from a course contract to a TA or Marker typically happens after a signed Duty Form is submitted and processed.

If you might be an academic service provider for a class starting in 2021, consider using this digital version of the form in Appendix C of the CUPE 3912 – Dalhousie University Collective Agreement.

This “Digital Duty Form” version is an effective equivalent in content and layout to what is presented in Appendix C of the Collective Agreement. It can be a simpler, equivalent alternative to a paper process (ie. download – print – 1st signature – scan – send – print – 2nd signature – scan).

This “Digital Duty Form” is similar to one used by the Civil Engineering Department. Duty Forms have also been used for some engineering course Marker contracts in recent years.

This “Digital Duty Form” is also an available option for Dalhousie University Instructors and administration representatives, involved with the employer side of TA and Marker contracts.

Work hours = Contract hours = Paid hours

When TA’s and Markers have better documentation of their course specific agreements, there is a better case for all those originally signing a Duty Form, to later choose to mutually agree to changes in the scope of work, such that work hours = contract hours = paid hours.

If you have any questions of comments, please feel free to contact the CUPE 3912 office, or Dave Banoub, CUPE 3912 Outreach, or the relevant CUPE 3912 Vice President.