Joint Statement for CUPE Members from Dalhousie Re. COVID-19 Supports and Resources

We are pleased to present the following joint statement is issued from to CUPE 3912 Members from Frank Harvey, Provost and Vice-President Academic and Karen Harper, President, CUPE Local 3912:


To:                   CUPE Members

From:               Frank Harvey, Provost and Vice-President Academic

Karen Harper, President, CUPE Local 3912

Date:               January 19, 2021

Re:                   COVID-19 Supports and Resources 

Online Teaching Support

Dalhousie University has a variety of supports and resources to aid part-time academics making the transition to online teaching. Our Academic Technology Services (ATS) is now providing closed captioning support:

Educational Developers at the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) are available to offer help and support with your course design and course development plan. They can help you select online learning and assessment strategies to meet your course and learning objectives. Part-time faculty members can also join the Going Online Together community on Brightspace by contacting

Equipment and Resources

Part-time academics may require additional equipment, software and/or Teaching Assistant support. Those seeking additional equipment, resources and support should contact their Department Chair/Head/Director.

Access to Libraries and Campus Spaces

Dalhousie University’s libraries are offering a variety of virtual services, as well on-campus bookable work spaces. Part-time academics can also access bookable recording space on campus to record their online lectures.

Home Office Expenses

Dalhousie University is looking into the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRAs) regulations on home office expenses. If and when a part-time member’s circumstances meet the CRA eligibility criteria for a T2200 tax slip, one will be issued upon request.

Professional Development Fund

For the 2020-21 academic year, CUPE and Dalhousie University have agreed to waive the requirement that part-time academics hold an appointment at the time of the conference and/or events. Part-time academics only need to be on the precedence list to be eligible to apply for professional development funds.

Teaching Evaluations

Dalhousie University’s Senate has made the decision that course evaluations collected for the period of Winter 2020 to Summer 2021 will only be used for formative purposes. Instructors will receive their course evaluations and these evaluations will be sent to Department Chairs/Head/Directors but they will not be used for evaluative purposes.

Once again, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication during this very difficult time.