Here you can find information on bargaining teams, scheduling, and updates as bargaining progresses.

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This brochure, from February 2020, contains some information that has shaped our bargaining proposals and approach. It makes reference to a membership survey that was conducted last winter and has also shaped our proposals.


January 19, 2020: We continued bargaining at Dalhousie this past week; we are making progress but it’s slow. We continue to seek improvements in the timeliness of the awarding of TA, Marker and Demonstrator contacts. We are pleased that the employer agrees with us on including or referring to policies such as for domestic violence in the collective agreement. This week we have team meetings to prepare for bargaining at SMU (starting this week) and the Mount (2nd session this week).

Nov. 30, 2020: At Dalhousie, we had three bargaining sessions on Nov. 23, 26 and 27. Bargaining this past week consisted mostly of asking and answering questions for clarification. We are pleased that the employer is eager to understand our motivation behind our proposals and we are hoping to come to an agreement on several non-monetary issues. The union explained the importance of key issues such as ensuring grad students are not asked to teach or TA extra hours to finish their degrees in a timely manner and making this year’s temporary ban on using student evaluations for discipline permanent because they are biased.

Our next dates will be in January. We start bargaining at the Mount on Dec. 11 and we are still setting dates at SMU.

Nov. 18, 2020: We started bargaining with Dalhousie administration on Monday. The first session simply involved exchanging proposals so there is not much to report, we had additional sessions on November 23, 26, 26 have another session with Dal next Monday. We are scheduling dates with SMU and the Mount.