June 1: Things are going relatively well and we are making progress on several items. However, we have yet to table financial proposals, which we hope to do soon. We have two bargaining sessions scheduled next week.

Past Update:
We are making progress but it’s slow. We continue to seek improvements in the timeliness of the awarding of TA, Marker and Demonstrator contacts We are pleased that the employer agrees with us on including or referring to policies such as for domestic violence in the collective agreement.

Upcoming Dates:

Past Dates:

  • March 12, 1-4
  • March 29, 1-4
  • April 30, 1-4
  • November 16
  • November 23
  • November 26
  • November 27
  • January 14
  • February 4

Bargaining Team:

For a copy of the bargaining proposals ratified in June, please contact outreach.cupe3912@gmail.com with a non-university email.