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Department/Faculty: Chemistry/Physics
Course Name: Introductory Biochemistry – LAB
Course Code: CHEM/BIOL 351L LE (2nd posting)
Academic Term: Fall
Class Timetable: M 6:00-8:45 pm
Course Unit Value: 0.25 unit
Start Date: 9/9/2015
End Date: 12/22/2015
Candidates should have a BSc in Chemistry and experience in biochemistry
lab instruction.
Duties: Preparation, teaching, student consultation, grading and marking,
distribution of student evaluation questionnaires, involvement in student
appeals, and other duties appropriate to the
appointment. —————————————————
Additional Duties:
Laboratory set up and clean up, consultation with instructor of the
lecture portion of the course(CHEM/BIOL 3501) to facilitate coordination.
Ensure University safety guidelines are met.
Remuneration: Remuneration is in accordance with the Collective Agreement
between Mount Saint Vincent University and CUPE 3912
How to apply: Send your application accompanied by curriculum vitae and
the names of three references to:
Department Chair: Dr. Cherif Matta, Dept. of Chemistry

Application deadline: 8/26/2015