Tales of Budget Cuts at Dalhousie University. Planning and Action by Faculty, Students and Staff in Response

Dalhousie Student Union is inviting students, faculty and staff to share how “cuts, fees and lack of student voice” has affected them:
Together, Dalhousie students, faculty and staff can create a more accountable, participatory and vibrant Dalhousie!
Make Your and Your Department’s Story Known
We all have problems at Dal. Sharing your issues is the first step to addressing them. Write a personal grievance about the way cuts, fees and lack of student voice have affected you, your department or an important service on campus. Did your favourite professor leave? Is your program on the chopping block? Are international student fees burying you in debt? Send submissions to dalunited@gmail.com and they will be posted (with anonymity if requested) on www.dalunited.ca and put on a “tombstone” for the Day of the Dalhousie Dead (see below).
Day of the Dalhousie Dead – An Action to Demonstrate the Scary Reality of Dalhousie
Thurs Oct 31st 11am-2pm, Dal Quad
Professors are leaving, programs are being cut and services are underfunded. Our education is being degraded as a result.
Join faculty, students and staff to grieve the loss of the things we value about Dalhousie. We’ll write the many things that we’ve lost on tombstones and arrange them into a graveyard on the quad for all to see.
Make your own tombstone with your own story or send to dalunited@gmail.com for it to be anonymously posted on online and made into tombstones if you can’t yourself.
Join the Conversation about Where to Go from Here
Thursday Oct 24th 5pm, SUB rm 218

Wednesdays Oct 30th 5pm, SUB rm 316

You’re invited to meetings of faculty, students and staff to talk about the results of budget cuts on our department, with our services and on our university. We’ll discuss how we can work together and how to make the university more accountable and representative of all of us. Bring input on the Bill of Rights that will represent our collective vision for how Dalhousie could be different. We’ll also plan some actions moving forward and make “tombstones for the 31st”. Email dalunited@gmail.com for meeting details.
Aaron Beale Vice President Academic and External
Dalhousie Student Union
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